Sports blogger works out like a pro


Create content that shows off the Chevy Cruze without the hard sell of a commercial.


Athletic types and sports fans already engaged by various ‘celebrity bloggers.’


People and stories interested the target, not the car.


Feature the car and a group of celebrity bloggers in unique situations all across the country.


To show off the car without coming off like shills, the bloggers needed short “webisode” concepts that were unique and interesting to their target audience, yet featured the car in a subtle way.

From cruising the inventors clubs of Silicon Valley to a look at the hometowns of some of the biggest names in sports, the stories revolved around the car but were not about the car.


Although the execution was not as subtle as it should’ve been, the program was well received within the various audiences as well as with GM.


The concepts of the individual webisodes are Cyrano’s. The concept of “Cruzerati” and that execution is that of the agency.