Being a freelancer is fun.
Hiring one is not.

Especially one you don’t know. Every time a creative director assigns work to a freelancer, that creative director’s neck is on the line. The work better be on time, on strategy and within budget or you both could be looking for a new gig.

But in advertising, the next fire is never far away. Unless you’re blessed with a department full of conceptual geniuses who never get over-loaded, sick, or take a vacation, you need at least one A-list idea guy in your Rolodex. That means getting to know the best talent available before you need them so you can be confident that when things heat up you’re covered.

A creative portfolio for creative directors.

This portfolio showcases the work I love to do and how I do it. You’ll find the produced work that made it through the gauntlet as well as the pitch work that made it to the meetings. To be clear, pitch work does not mean spec or student work. Everything shown is real work paid for by real clients.

Showing pitch work may seem unconventional at my level. However, the reality of advertising is that it takes many meetings before any single ad gets produced. Each round requires new ideas. Creative directors need to know that a freelancer can cover the walls with fresh thinking every time. This is a business of meetings. Therefore, what gets presented is just as important as what gets produced. When it comes to concepts, quantity begets quality. Showing this work should help you get to know me a little bit better.

Big ideas without big headaches.

While getting to know a freelancer is difficult, trusting one is impossible. It can cost a fortune to find out they’re a bad fit for your job. To reduce your risk, I offer an “off strategy, on the house” billing policy. If the brief is clear and the work is wrong, there’s no charge for those hours. It’s never been an issue, but in the event there’s a problem, my client, the creative director, is covered.

Although working with a new freelancer can be frightening, it can also be rewarding. My unique background in comedy, consumer psychology and creative brings a fresh energy and perspective to your projects. I’m professional, collaborative and reliable. Also, an added benefit of being a psychologist is that I can share my Myers-Briggs personality type. I’m an ENTP and a collaborator. For more info, check out my references and testimonials from clients by clicking the button for my LinkedIn profile, located in main menu. 

Thanks for taking the time to look around. I look forward to getting to know you better so next time you need big ideas for a big meeting, hiring a top-notch freelancer won’t be so scary.

Scott Brown
Cyrano Concepting



This is the view from the old Chicago office. The new view is not as cool, but the location is. Cyrano is just outside New York City in Northern New Jersey.